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An airtime aggregator API is an amazing little tool that gives businesses access to multiple mobile phone providers through one entry point. It is a convenient way to to business among various networks without the trouble of doing multiple contracts. In this article, we'll tell you some juicy details abut it!
Reloadly has arrived in Indonesia by the hand of Linkaja. Both companies are excited to start this new partnership that expands to the Indonesian market the opportunity to access a Top-up and Data Bundle service, all of it through Reloadly’s well developed and open source API system. With it, LinkAja's mission is to transform the lives of their customers in Asia by accelerating the deployment of high-speed data networks and reducing the digital gap.
A successful and well played gamification marketing campaign will result in measurable improvements for any business. It can be as sophisticated as Ackermans and Nike’s, or as simple as M&Ms, it’s all about playing the cards right.