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Reloadly Appoints Enrique Hirlemann CEO Amid Record Growth in B2B Digital Payment API Market

Justin Calderon

Justin Calderon

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Reloadly, a Miami-based digital payments API provider, has announced the appointment of Enrique Hirlemann as its new Chief Executive Officer. Formerly Chief Commercial Officer, Hirlemann brings a wealth of leadership experience as Reloadly seeks to enter a new growth phase by helping B2B businesses expand their digital product offerings.

Hirlemann’s appointment caps a period of record growth for the company, including its highest-ever revenue and transactions, providing a strong foundation for the new CEO to cement Reloadly as a leader in the B2B digital payment API market. 

“Our goal is for Reloadly to become ubiquitous with the B2B transfer of digital goods and services around the world,” says Hirlemann. “This means helping our customers launch our services faster and easier and to help them leverage our payment APIs for their own revenue expansion.”

To get to this point, the company’s short-to-mid-term mission is to build on the customer-centricity that has driven Reloady’s success to date.

“Reloadly is an entirely B2B platform, which means we don’t compete with our customers for end-users,” says Hirlemann. “This fact has helped Reloadly register tens of thousands of companies over the last 5 years. Now, our customer-centric focus needs to be equal parts growth and customer success.”

Reloadly stands out as a unique next-generation platform in today’s digital payment sector. Its REST APIs are modular, faster, and more lightweight; they are auto-scalable and language-agnostic, with APIs available in 14 different coding languages.

In short, the company has a formidable competitive advantage, according to Hirlemann. “There are many companies that offer pieces of what we do in various ways,” he states, “but there is no other company that does quite what Reloadly does in quite the same way.”

Businesses around the world have limited access to digital products and services, with developers struggling to integrate mobile payments, gift cards, and utility payments into their systems. 

Reloadly solves these issues with versatile, open-source payment APIs created “by developers for developers”. These unique capabilities have been the driving force behind the fastest growth in the company’s history in the third quarter of 2023, with its highest revenue and transactions to date. 

This unique blend of flexibility, creativity, and customer focus is set to propel Reloady to new heights in the digital payments sector under Hirlemann’s leadership.

About Reloadly

Reloadly is a leading open-source API provider in the digital payments sector. The company’s mission is to empower businesses globally by providing seamless integration of diverse digital products, including mobile payments, gift cards, and utility payments. 

With a focus on innovation and customer success, Reloadly sets itself apart as a next-generation platform, offering versatile and user-friendly payment APIs, and it aspires to become the go-to provider for B2B transfer of digital goods and services worldwide

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