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Guest blogging guidelines

If you think you are a good candidate for the Guest Blogger Program, here are some guidelines to consider:

Write fresh and relevant content:

The Reloadly Guest Blogger Program includes original content about topics related to APIs, API development good practices, fintech strategies, Reloadly use cases, or mobile incentives and rewards. Your submission should be aligned with those topics.

Check grammar and spelling:

The content should be written in English, and we highly recommend you check your grammar and spelling before submitting it. If a blog post has too many grammatical errors we won’t be able to accept it.

Organize the blog post:

Build your article using a structure: a title, an introductory paragraph, section headings, and a conclusion. Writing 1,000-2,500 words per article is sufficient. Be sure to include your name and a short biography. If your submission is too promotional for your company or business, we will not be able to accept it.

Focus on original content:

It’s ok if you decide to use a press release or news article, but keep in mind that the content should be original, and only use external sources to support your article, always including the URLs of those sources.

Avoid rights-controlled images:

If you are going to use images to accompany your blog post, make sure you have the right to publish the images before submitting them to the Reloadly Guest Blogger program.

Ownership and syndication:

Once your blog post is published, it becomes the property of Reloadly. If you want to publish your article elsewhere, your post will include this statement at the top of the page: “This article was originally published on the Reloadly Blog”, and includes a link to the original article published on the Reloadly Blog.

How to submit your content

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From the Developer Blog

Working with and processing responses from REST APIs in Java can be daunting for developers who are not very familiar with the language.

Startup founders using airtime APIs have now realized that success in the mobile and data top-up industry.

Airtime can largely be seen as a necessity in today’s world thus when making top-ups, customers are always in search of value.

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