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Social media rewards users with airtime

Antonio Tamez-Elizondo

Antonio Tamez-Elizondo

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Social media is a vast landscape to navigate. There are multiple forms of it, all of which have their quirks and subtleties. There are many outlets for different tastes and age groups. It isn’t just for communication: it also facilitates the creation and sharing of content. Users and content creators love them. They also love it when social media rewards users with airtime, for example.

There isn’t a standard definition of social media, partly due to the many shapes it takes. From text-based outlets like Twitter and mixed text-photo-video services like Instagram, to video platforms like Snapchat and Tik Tok. Yet, these are only the most well-known examples. There are many other varieties. Some of them in browser form, others through mobile apps. Many of them even serve specific markets, like China’s multipurpose WeChat.

But creating content is hard work, and hard work needs to be rewarded. People look at social media platforms to share their creativity. They also want to be rewarded for it. Social media platforms look for ways to incentivize their users to produce content. A good way to do so is through data and airtime top up awards. This attracts new subscribers, generates traffic, and rewards old users for producing content. They also look for an attractive API for top ups technology to facilitate the process.

Reward schemes and big numbers

Social media is as big as the crowds that use it. As of 2022, there were roughly 4.59 billion users worldwide. That means that about 9 out of 10 people with an internet connection use social media daily. Projections estimate that by 2027 that number will grow to 5.85 billion. That’s a lot of people, and social media platforms are constantly looking at methods to retain users and increase subscriptions. There are different approaches to doing so. Some are functional, others not so much.

For example, Snapchat’s Spotlight reward system. With it, Snapchat shows off users’ content and exposes creators to the community. It highlights quality content, no matter how many followers the creator has. Unlike other platforms, it focuses only on content quality, and the best of it is eligible for cash rewards.

This works by awarding creators “Crystals” that can be traded for money. However, the amount is determined by comparing content with other submissions from the day. That means competition is tight, and there is no guarantee that money will always flow in. Snapchat’s approach at content generation and user engagement is tough, and it leaves the door open to improvements. There are alternatives, such as airtime top ups, that could attract a wider userbase.

Airtime as an effective reward for social media users

Let’s look at Tik Tok’s reward program. They have a couple of them, but one of the most popular is airtime top-ups through referrals. Whenever a user invites someone to join in, the referrer earns an airtime top up reward. This happens as soon as the new user creates a Tik Tok profile. The new users only have to use their friend’s invitation code. By the same token, whenever this new user repeats the process, they will earn an airtime top up reward. And so forth.

But that’s not all. TikTok’s business model is overall viewership. New users can participate in video-watching contests routinely announced through an activity page. These videos must be watched during a time bracket. Users that do so will also earn an airtime top up reward. This engages them both as viewers and content creators and as beacons to bring in new users.

Why Airtime Top up rewards? What does that even mean?

What does an airtime top up mean? That’s the process when credit is added to a phone under a prepaid program. Either users add their own credit to their phones, or a third party does it for them. In the case of Tik Tok, the company itself does the actual top up.

Tik Tok’s airtime top up reward program is a very effective way to bring new users and retain old ones. If an up-and-coming social media platform wishes to imitate this model, the best place to start doing so is with an API for top ups, like Reloadly’s. An API is an important in-betweener that facilitates communication with two systems. Reloadly’s API for top ups gives access to 800+ operators around the world. This gives ample range of to any social media platform that wishes to give airtime top up rewards to an international userbase.

Cash vs. Airtime Top Ups.

Tik Tok offers cash rewards too. But airtime top ups are a safer bet. Why so? Because not everyone has access to digital banking. Most of the platform’s users come from the United States, with roughly 113 million subscribers. However, Indonesia and Brazil come in second and third place, with 109 M and 82 M users, respectively. These are followed by other countries where prepaid mobile plans are the norm and where large numbers of the population remain underbanked. What’s the use of a cash reward when a portion of your userbase has difficulty accessing such funds? Variety is the key to success here.

TikTok’s varied reward strategy is a good role model for up-and-coming startups looking to service markets where Paypal and other banking technologies are underrepresented. By integrating Reloadly’s API for airtime top ups, any social media platform can successfully launch a reward scheme to keep engagement and grow its userbase. Rewarding airtime to users in countries with limited (or no) access to digital banking is one of the safest methods to guarantee the success of social media platforms.

Social media rewards airtime using APIs for top ups

Reloadly’s API is a powerful tool. It reaches some of the remotest parts of the world by giving access to 170+ countries. Social media platforms can offer airtime top ups as rewards to their users, but that’s not the end of it. They could also implement a digital gift card strategy. Or perhaps a mixed one. It all depends on the company’s target audience and intentions.

One social media app using Reloadly’s API to power its reward scheme is ClipClaps. A small company born in California, with offices in Seattle, it offers their users cash rewards. However, they discovered that 60% of their userbase did not have access to Paypal, since most comes from the Philippines, Brazil, and Indonesia. They got in touch with Reloaldy to find a way to reward this large pool of users with airtime instead of cash. This simple move translated into an overnight success, with positive feedback as far away from California as Vietnam and Bangladesh.

One API for top ups, multiple choices.

Reloadly’s APIs for top ups are a flexible tools. It is easily incorporated into web and mobile-based applications. No difficulties, no hassle. With Reloadly, the sky’s the limit, as companies can find new and creative ways to use it.

Flexible and taken care of by a dedicated support team available 24/7. Reloadly is a safe and trustworthy partner for any social network that wishes to reward its users for being the cool people that they are. Please, get in touch with our team. No matter what reward program you have in mind, Reloadly’s API makes life easier for you.

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