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How to Easily Integrate a Gift Card Reseller API in 1 Day

Justin Calderon

Justin Calderon

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Gift card reselling is a profitable business idea that anyone could start in a day with the right software. Thanks to the increasing demand for gift cards globally, integrating a gift card reseller API has become a quick and scalable way to start generating income with minimal expenses.

Gift cards resellers are like bridges between gift card customers and gift vouchers. Customers purchase gift cards from various countries and brands, and they need an intermediary that makes gift cards easy to purchase from retailers and use.

Small businesses, larger companies and solopreneurs can all fill that gap. 

Instigated by Covid-19, surging online purchases from global consumers have opened up new opportunities for applying a variety of gift card marketing strategies, which can be deployed to quickly begin tapping into a multi-billion dollar sector. 

To resell gift cards easily and at scale, businesses need a gift card API that:

  • Allows you to integrate the API within in less than day (or ideally within a few hours) with little developer knowledge
  • Enables the sale of gift cards to customers worldwide in their currency
  • Offers a variety of gift cards from top brands
  • Offers competitive pricing without the need to sign contracts
  • Clearly outlines discounts and commission rates

Reloadly discovered the potential of reselling gift cards at scale. In response, a gift card voucher API was created to enable the seamless sale of gift cards by companies to customers around the world. 

Businesses can now easiliy and quickly integrate Reloadly’s gift card API into their website or app to resell over 150 gift card brands to customers in 25 countries in 4 regions. 

Signing up on Reloadly’s platform is free. With a few clicks, anyone can start to utilize Reloadly’s gift card API to enable the purchase and transaction of gift cards by a range of customers, such as:

  • Customers purchasing gift cards as gifts
  • Brands exploring gift card marketing strategies
  • Individuals using gift cards for the transfer of payment in e-commerce, bill and utility payment, airtime and data bundle purchases and other payments
  • Social media and gaming platforms using gift cards as rewards
  • Research firms and corporations using gift cards as incentives
  • Nonprofit organisations using gift cards as payments
  • Expats using gift cards for remittances
  • And many more customers who can integrate gift cards in their marketing or product development.

[Looking to start using a gift card reseller API for your business? Reloadly offers a scalable white-label solution to selling and earning profits with gift cards. Contact our support team to learn how you can start using our no-contract platform.]

Reselling gift card vouchers with Reloadly’s gift card discount API

You can easily access over 14,000 gift card products on Reloadly’s Gift Card API by creating an account and making  API requests to order gift cards. 

Additionally, Reloadly offers a plethora of discounts on different gift cards. This affords businesses the chance to earn more commissions and expand their profit margins. 

In this section, we’ll explain just how you can purchase and redeem discounted gift cards using Reloadly’s gift card API. 

Download the postman collection

Reloadly’s Postman Collection is the gateway to our gift card reselling API. The illustrations in this section are from the Postman collection, and they are a guide to getting started quickly and securely. 

The Postman Collection can be downloaded here

Afterwards, a  POST request will be made to retrieve your user access token. A user can then find their client credentials by navigating to the  Developers > API settings section:

Define all endpoints

The next process would be defining endpoints to interact with. 

To best utilise Reloadly’s gift card API, the main endpoints you’ll need are:

  • Get Products By ID: Retrieves all the details of a particular gift card product when an API request is made with the product’s identification number.
  • GET Discounts: Returns a full list of every discount for all gift card products on Reloadly’s database.
  • GET Discounts by Product ID: Returns all available discounts for a particular product based on its product identification number.
  • Order: Purchases a gift card by making an API request with the gift card’s product details.
  • Redeem Codes: Obtains the redeem code and/or PIN of a purchased gift card.

[To learn more about how each end point works, check out our Gift Card API reference documentation.]

View all Discounts

All available discounts can be viewed by interacting with the GET Discounts endpoint.

For the purpose of this guide, let’s first make a discount to the GET Discounts endpoint so we can have an overview of the discount percentages for some of the gift cards on Reloadly. 

This video demonstrates just how to review all gift card discounts. 

Afterwards, a gift card can be selected just as illustrated in the video above. 

For example, the 1-800-PetSupplies gift card with a product identification number of 1 has a sizable discount of 7.5%.

To see more information about a specific gift card, a request can be made to the Get Products By ID endpoint:

gift card reseller api

Purchasing a discounted gift card

After confirming the discount as well as the prices available via the discountPercentage and  fixedSenderDenominations fields respectively, a purchase can be made.

For illustrative purposes, a $25 gift card is purchased via the Orders endpoint as shown in the image below:

Once the purchase is complete, a commission of 1068.75 NGN (equal to $1.875) is accrued. 

This is basically what can be made as a side profit for every $25 of 1-800-PetSupplies gift cards that is bought and resold using Reloadly’s API.

Viewing redeem codes

After making the purchase, a success notification will pop up alongside a transaction ID.

To be able to use the gift card, the redeem code must be entered into the platform so the gift card can be activated.  

As our final step, using the transaction ID we got in the response for purchasing a discounted gift card, let’s make a request to the Redeem Codes endpoint, which will look like this:


Your gift card is now activated and ready to be spent! 

Start Reselling Gift Cards with Reloadly’s Gift Card API

Reloadly’s gift card API offers businesses an innovative way to expand profit margins by  resellling gift card solutions via new or existing web and mobile applications.  

Are you a small or large business seeking to resell gift cards? Get started by signing up here.

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