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Terms & Conditions, Mobile App User Agreement

Reloadly offers a service (“the Service”) that allows businesses and individuals to access mobile airtime services and range of cloud communication products from a single mobile application account (“Reloadly Account”). This User Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you and “Reloadly” that governs your use of the Service and your Reloadly Account. Please read it carefully. Access to your Reloadly Account and your use of the Service is subject to your acceptance of all the terms & conditions contained hereinafter.

We may amend this Agreement from time to time by posting a revised version on our website. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it. If the revised agreement contains substantial changes, we will notify you by email.

We may close, suspend, or restrict your access to your Reloadly Account at any time if you violate this Agreement. If you object to any of these mentioned terms and conditions or any subsequent modifications to them, or become dissatisfied with your membership of the services in any way, you may: a) discontinue your use of the services; and b) terminate this Agreement and your API or mobile app account (“Account”) by notifying us in writing by email or otherwise. No other remedy, legal or otherwise, is available to you save for a) and b) mentioned above.


1. Reloadly Service and Your Account

Reloadly aggregates mobile operator services and makes them available to businesses on the cloud “APIs” and individuals via their Reloadly mobile app accounts. When registering to the website or mobile apps, you will supply your email address or mobile number and choose a password. For the purposes of this Agreement username means the email address or mobile number you use while registering as a member on the Website. You are entirely responsible for all activities which occur under your email address and/or password, including unauthorized use of your or any other credit card. You must not disclose your password, whether directly or indirectly to any third party. It is your responsibility to safeguard your password. You must notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your email address and/or password.

If you forget or lose your password, you should request a new password by visiting the 'Forgot Password' section of the Website. Each username and password must be used by a single user and are not transferable.

Reloadly’s main Service is to facilitate the access of mobile airtime top-ups. Using your Reloadly Account, you can add credit to prepaid mobile phones in your country or abroad or on behalf of your customers without having to hold physical inventory or stock. Reloadly may also add new products and services at any given notice

Data collected by us as part of the Services will be treated in accordance with the Privacy and Cookies Statement, which forms part of this Agreement. By registering on the Website and accepting the Privacy and Cookies Statement, you expressly agree to the processing, use, storage and disclosure of your Data by Reloadly as set out in the Privacy and Cookies Statement. We recommend that you read the Privacy and Cookies Statement carefully.

Please note that the sending of Data via e-mail over the internet may not be secure and can be intercepted by third parties or incorrectly delivered.

We shall be entitled, but not obliged, to record all communications from, or instructions given by you to us, or messages sent by us to you through the Website.


2. Airtime

Airtime refers to the value credited to a mobile subscriber’s prepaid account. The recipient of this airtime may use it according to their respective operator’s Terms and Conditions. In most cases, airtime credits may only be used for domestic and international calls, to send text message, data or to purchase mobile content.

Airtime credit has a limited validity period, which can vary from operator to operator and on the product that is sold.

The net amount received by a recipient of an airtime top-up may deviate from the product’s face value because of the applicability of taxes and foreign exchange rates in the country it is received in.


3. Other Types of Products

From time to time, Reloadly may remove or add to the list of products or services it allows Reloadly Account holders to sell or implement in their own applications. New products and services will be clearly communicated to you through your Account and added into your list.

If you do not want the products or services with a connected operator, you can remove them from the Manage Products in your Account, otherwise you shall be deemed to have accepted to open such products and services with all connected operators following the communication.


4. Eligibility for Use

Both individuals and businesses may register for a Reloadly Account. In either case, you must provide us with accurate information about yourself and/or your business. You can only sign-up to use the Service on behalf of a legally recognized business if you are authorized to act on behalf of the business and have the authority to bind the business to this Agreement.


5. Unauthorized or Illegal Use

We may decide to suspend your account or restrict your ability to use our Service if we believe that your Reloadly Account has been used for any illegal or criminal purposes. If we reasonably suspect this may be the case, you authorize us to share information about you and any transactions conducted through your Account with law enforcement authorities if they request it.


6. Adding Credit to Your Account

Your Reloadly Account functions on a prepaid basis. This means that you must have enough credit available in your account in order to provide the Reloadly Service to your customers. It’s your responsibility to ensure your Reloadly Account Balance has enough credit to cover the costs of the products or services you buy or sell using your Account.

To add credit to your Account, you will be prompted to enter a valid credit or debit card (visa/mastercard/discover/amex). You agree to bear all costs, including bank charges, resulting from payments to use our services. The amount charged on your card will be the face value of the transactions plus any service fee that might be applicable at the time of the transaction. Your card will be charge at the time of the transaction in realtime. Transactions will only be considered successful if your card is approved.


7. Cost of Products and Services

To send Top-up, you agree to comply with and undertake the provisions set out in this Section 6.

The Top-up service shall only be provided to you by Reloadly in respect of the mobile phone operators available on the Website which are subject to change and availability.

You will be required to input the mobile phone number to which any Top-up is to be credited into the appropriate space on the Website. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have correctly inputted the mobile phone number. You will then be required to select the amount of Top-up that you wish to credit that mobile phone number with.

The cost of Top-up will vary depending on the amount of Top-up that you wish to send to your friend or family member according to the denominations displayed on the Website. Before purchasing Top-up the total cost will be displayed before finalizing your purchase. Where an exchange rate has been applied the actual amount that you are charged may vary as our payment processors FX rate may be slightly different at the time of settlement. You will also be charged a secure online processing fee on each Top-up you send through the Website. If you choose to send an optional SMS to the recipient of the Top-up, an additional message fee for this will apply.

The total amount (inclusive of all applicable taxes and charges) that you will be required to pay will be displayed clearly on the Website before you are asked to confirm your transaction and processing with the transaction at this point is entirely optional.

The Top-up is sent instantly by Reloadly to the appropriate mobile phone number upon successful payment by you. Occasionally, there may be a short delay before the relevant mobile operator applies the Top-up to the mobile phone number. We will send you a confirmation email which contains details of the Top-up sent as soon as your Top-up transaction has been successfully completed. You agree and understand that Reloadly only acts on your authorization to send Top-up and the relevant mobile operator shall be solely liable to you and the recipient of Top-up for the provision of mobile services related to the Top-up. Once the Top-up is sent to a mobile phone number, it can be used immediately therefore it cannot be refunded or removed from the phone. To stop this mistake from happening, Reloadly asks you to confirm that the number you have entered is correct.

You acknowledge that you will lose the right to cancel the Top-up once the Top-up service has been fully performed by Reloadly. Accordingly, you will have no right to request a refund under the European Union (Consumer Information, Cancellation and Other Rights) Regulations 2013. Please note that the Website limits the number of Top-ups that can be performed or the maximum value of Top-up sent over a specific time period (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). Other limits and exclusions related to the use of the Website may be applicable. You shall be notified through the Website or by email of these additional limitations should they exist or come into existence.

We reserve the right to change the price we charge you for the products we offer. We will notify you by email at least 24 hours in advance of any change.


8. Service & Maintenance Fee

Reloadly currently does not charge a service fee (this may change at any given notice)


9. Transactions using your credit card

You may purchase mobile airtime using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal. Any credit card, debit card or other payment method which may be used on the Website must have a valid billing address and valid card issuing bank. We debit your card as soon as we receive a proper and complete request from you for transaction.

Upon receipt of a proper and complete request from you for transaction, Reloadly will debit the card provided and will forward an electronic request to the relevant mobile operator to provide Top-up in the amount transferred for the benefit of the pre-paid mobile phone number nominated by you.

You authorize Reloadly to act upon any instruction to debit your card provided through the Website which has been transmitted using your password and/or any other authentication/identity verification process which you may require to be used in connection with the Website. Reloadly is not required to undertake any additional authentication or identity verification measures other than those Reloadly deems appropriate and sufficient to protect the security and maintain the proper use of the mobile app. All debits concluded post successful authentication or identity verification are the sole responsibility and liability of the user.

Reloadly shall accept liability for the non-execution or defective execution of mobile airtime purchased through the Website, subject to your adherence with this Agreement, the proper use of the Website as instructed by Reloadly, and the absence of any misrepresentation, fraud or negligence by you. Such liability, if incurred, shall be strictly limited to the amount of the unexecuted or defective Top-up


10. Reports

You may access a full list of transactions conducted through your account by clicking on the “Reports” or “History” tab. Reloadly agrees to keep records of your transactions for a period of at least 5 years.


11. Your Obligations

The equipment and devices necessary to access the Reloadly mobile app shall be provided and be maintained by you solely at your expense. If you access the app through a mobile operator data services, you may be charged by your mobile service provider for internet access on your device.

You can download the mobile applications from the app stores free of charge. Reloadly reserves the right to modify equipment and software requirements as is necessary for it to continue or improve the provision of Services through the mobile applications. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you download any subsequent updates to the mobile applications from the relevant app store.

You acknowledge that compliance with this Agreement is designed to minimize the risk of unauthorized use of the app and therefore you are required to strictly adhere to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. To the fullest extent permitted by law, you will be liable for any liability, loss, costs or damages, to Reloadly or any third party as a result of your failure to adhere to this Agreement.


12. Terms of this Agreement

This Agreement applies to every Top-up you send and Cheap Calls Credit you purchase through the Website.

Reloadly may terminate this Agreement and withdraw the use of the Website and/or the Services provided through it:

(i) upon reasonable prior written notice to you;

(ii) immediately upon breach by you of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or where there exist serious grounds for termination. As a courtesy when Reloadly terminates this Agreement on these grounds Reloadly shall inform the user in writing within a reasonable time post-termination;

(iii) immediately upon your insolvency/bankruptcy or inability to pay any amounts due, whether commemorated through a legitimate formal legal petition or not, or other contractual incapacity. Reloadly reserves the right to commence debt collection actions within the bounds of the law under these conditions;

(iv) if it reasonably believes that any of the Services have been used negligently, illegally or fraudulently by you, or by a third party as a result of your negligence or recklessness.

This Agreement does not have a minimum or finite duration and will continue to be binding on the parties until it is terminated. You may terminate or cancel the Agreement at any time without reason by giving Reloadly written notice to that effect, but without prejudice to your liability for any outstanding indebtedness on any Account or otherwise prior to the date of termination. If you exercise your right of termination, Reloadly will endeavour to refund any Credit in your Account (less any promotional and/or bonus amounts) as soon as possible, and in any event within fourteen (14) days of the date of your written request to

Reloadly reserves the right, acting reasonably, to process or cancel any transactions in progress on termination of this Agreement or on suspension or withdrawal of the Services. Reloadly is not responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of any transaction not being processed as part of the Services after termination of the Agreement or after any suspension or withdrawal of the Services.


13. Failures and Outages

You acknowledge that Reloadly Service’s is dependent on a large network of service providers that are not under Reloadly’s control. From time to time, transactions to these providers may fail.

You acknowledge that Reloadly will not be liable for any outages of the Service due to a service interruption caused by any of Reloadly’s providers.


14. Customer Service and Disputes

Transactions are non-refundable. You may send disputes can be sent to


15. Force Majeure

We will not be liable for delays in performing our obligations, or failure to perform any such obligations under this Agreement, if the delay or failure results from circumstances beyond our control, incluReloadly but not limited to, an Act of God, governmental act, fire, explosion, war, armed conflict of civil commotion.


16. Taxes

Sales taxes are non-applicable to international mobile airtime.


17. Security

We have implemented technical and organizational measures designed to secure your personal information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alteration, or disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to overcome these measure and use your information improperly. You acknowledge that you provide your personal information to us at your own risk.


18. Confidentiality

We hereby undertake to keep confidential all information you share with us through your Account and to use this information solely for the purpose of performing our obligations per the terms of this Agreement.


19. Privacy and Security

You approve, recognize and accept that electronic communications, the internet, telephone lines or SMS-based telecommunications media may not be secure and communications via such media may be intercepted by unauthorized individuals or delivered incorrectly. As a consequence, Reloadly cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of communications via such media although it will (and shall obtain that its service providers will) put in place appropriate security measures to protect these methods of communications.

You acknowledge and agree that these events may occur and that Reloadly bears no liability when such events occur. Where Reloadly changes authentication procedures for accessing the mobile apps or the Services therein, nevertheless any other terms of this Agreement, Reloadly may introduce these procedures by giving instructions to you via updates and notices of which such procedures are being introduced.


20. Intellectual Property

You agree not to use Reloadly’s – or Reloadly service and product suppliers’ – logo, trademark, or any derivative thereof, in any fraudulent or misleading manner. You also agree not to infringe upon the intellectual property of others through your use of your Reloadly Account.


21.Dormant Accounts

If there is no activity on your account for a period of 12 months, of if your available balance is not sufficient to cover the monthly Service & Maintenance Fee, we will suspend your account and notify you by email to your registered address and give you the option of keeping your Account open by adReloadly credit to your Account. If you do not respond within thirty (30) days, we will automatically close your Reloadly Account. Any remaining credit on your Account balance will be forfeited.


22. Closure or Suspension of Your Account by Reloadly

We may close, suspend, or restrict your access to your Account at any time and without any prior warning if you violate any of the terms of this Agreement or if we are required to do so to ensure compliance with regulatory or law enforcement authorities.


23. Closing an Account

You may close your Reloadly Account at any time by contacting Reloadly through your Account by clicking on Contact Us.


24. Refund of remaining balance upon closure

To request a refund, send a formal refund request by mail to: All refund requests must include your name, Reloadly Account name, and bank account information or the last four of your credit card number, as well as justification for refund.


25. Effect of Closure

We will not be liable to you for compensation, reimbursement, or damages in connection with your use of the Service, or any closure of your Account or suspension of the Service. Suspension or closure of your Account does not relieve you of any obligations to pay any fees or costs accrued prior to the closure and any other amounts owed by you to Reloadly as provided in this Agreement.


26. Limitation of Liability

Except as otherwise expressly stated in this Agreement, in no event shall either party be liable to the other party or any other third party for exemplary, incidental, indirect, special, punitive or consequential damages of any kind, incluReloadly without limitation loss of profit, loss of use, savings or revenue, arising out of this Agreement.

The exclusions and limitations described above shall not apply where mandatory laws do not allow such exclusions or require higher limits. In such circumstances the minimum limits prescribed by law shall apply.


27. Legal Expenses

Each party shall be liable for their own legal expenses.


28. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UNITED STATES, Deleware.


29. Contact

Reloadly Inc.

78 sw 7th st. 5th Floor, Miami, FL 33130, USA