APIs for survey rewards to engage participants

Easily integrate digital rewards into surveys, qualitative research, and feedback questionnaires. Virtual incentives allow you to quickly, easily and with little effort send rewards to your survey participants.

Increase response rates with awesome survey rewards APIs

Collect data around the world. Access to +5 billion mobile phones

Having a survey rewards strategy that covers the whole globe is a competitive advantage to get as many responses as possible.

Today's ubiquitous mobile phone usage now enables your incentive programs to become borderless.

Incentivize your audience and succeed in all your surveys

Offering an incentive is a way of showing your audience that you value their opinion and time. These promotional goods motivate respondents to give honest feedback to a company. Survey incentives significantly increase response rates.

Incentivize hard-to-reach regions to collect data

By simply integrating Reloadly's contract-free Airtime and Data Top-up API into your mobile or web application, your organization will be able to send bulk top-ups to remote communities across the world in order to incentivize them for survey responses.

Engage your audience with the incentives that better fit their needs

Transfer mobile rewards straight to your customer's phone in 5 seconds and put your survey incentives programs on auto-pilot.


A low-cost tactic that is extremely effective in emerging markets where prepaid plans dominate


A reward strategy that will attract potential customers or participants. Today, a good connection is a key factor


Reward your customers with liquid digital goods. Enjoy our vast catalog of +300 Gift Card brands

Customize your survey rewards solution with an intuitive integration

Reloadly's cloud platform offers a simple solution to complex coding, allowing you to set up an API or widget to broaden your survey incentive solutions.

By using our SDK, you'll be able to completely customize a survey rewards solution that best fits your business.

Our platform is built by developers for developers and includes the world's first dedicated coding toolkit for sending mobile Top-ups and Gift Cards.

If you ever need technical assistance, our support team is ready to respond within a day to your inquiry.

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Case studies

Afrisight integrated Reloadly APIs and got 11,000 survey answers in 1 month


Market research companies know just how hard it can be to incentivize respondents to answer surveys. Now, imagine trying to collect that data from people in remote areas.

Then add the fact that many of this target market won't have any internet access. This is precisely the challenge that AfriSight was trying to overcome.


To boost responses for data collection targeting remote parts of Africa, AfriSight decided to use Reloadly API to provide mobile Airtime rewards as an incentive, encouraging people to answer paid surveys, even if they didn't have access to the internet.

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Afrisight is a market research company that enables the collection and delivery of reliable Africa consumer data and insights, currently in over 40 African countries. The platform enables market research teams, governments, and big brands such as Unilever and Heineken to collect insights across Africa.

“We are forecasting digital data collection to be the dominant data collection methodology in the next five years, and platforms such as Reloadly help us scale and keep our survey respondents happy.”

Ogylive Makova, Founder


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