Utility Payments API

Use a mobile Utility and Bill Payments API to connect to global services,aggregate multiple providers,and build a customizable app or platform for your customers.

Make prepaid Utility Payments to multiple services providers, all through a customized API or platform

Paying bills is a hassle. It doesn't have to be

The simple act of making a utility payment is still way too difficult for many people in emerging countries. Now, thanks in part to the ubiquity of mobile phone usage, you can enable Utility Payments to become borderless.

With a Utility Payments API, customers can easily access global services across multiple regions, allowing them to conveniently select and pay their utilities in one place.
That's utility paying, made easy.

By simply integrating Reloadly's contract-free mobile Utility Payments API into your mobile or web application, your business will be able to enable seamless payments for water, electricity, internet and TV services across borders.

Fast, transparent, and easy to manage

Enable payments for electricity, water, internet and TV bills, all made through your customers' mobile phones within 5 seconds, no matter where they are located.

Easily manage transactions and pricing from service providers across industries through one convenient dashboard that integrates with popular payment services like Stripe or PayPal.

Seamless Utility Payments across emerging markets

Reloadly has an established network of service providers in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, including major utility, entertainment and telco companies.

We are constantly growing this selection to further allow you and your customers to manage Utility Payments with the service provider of your choice. If you are looking to integrate with a specific provider, please contact us for more details of our current network.

Connect to major service providers. Cut out the hassle of Utility Payments.

Electricity Bills

Electricity is without a doubt among the most important monthly bills that we pay. Getting this bill paid swiftly and without a fuss is thus even more important for service customers. However, across emerging markets, many customers must still pay their electricity utility bills in person, which can lead to payment delays followed by temporarily paused electricity services. An app or platform that allows customers to automatically make these payments is infinitely more convenient and ensures the lights stay on.

Water Bills

Water is another such monthly utility payment that customers cannot live without. In emerging markets, visiting a physical payment location or mailing a check are often the only ways to ensure continued service. But if an error occurs, precious water services are in danger of being turned off. Using a utility payment API to build an app or platform allows customers to find their service provider, make recurring payments and keep the water flowing.

Internet Broadband Bills

The digital revolution has touched the furthest parts of the globe, and more and more people across Africa, Latin America, and Asia are now dependent on making monthly internet broadband bill payments. Yet, the digital payment gateways in these regions are often not as updated as they should be. A digital internet payment app or platform will allow customers to pay their internet bills on time to ensure they remain constantly connected.

TV Bills

TV service providers are incredibly popular in emerging markets, where streaming services haven't caught up quite yet. However, emerging markets from Africa, Latin America, and Asia often have multiple TV service providers for customers to choose from, and each with its own complex form of payment. By providing a utility payment solution via mobile or desktop, you'll give customers the ability to choose their favorite TV service provider without worrying about how they'll make monthly payments.

Integrate, without all the heavy lifting

Reloadly's cloud platform offers a simple solution to complex coding, allowing you to set up an API to fit your specific utility payment needs. You can also choose to integrate plug-ins with a range of platforms, such as WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Our platform is built by developers for developers, and includes the world's first dedicated coding toolkit for sending mobile airtime, data, and digital goods. If you ever need assistance, our support team is ready to respond within a day to your inquiry.

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