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Start implementing incentives & rewards programs with your customers by tapping the borderless possibilities of top-ups and digital goods. Reloadly APIs allow you to build bulk transfers of Airtime, Data Bundles, Gift Cards, and more.

Engage your customers with mobile phone reward strategies

Reward the world. Access to +5 billion mobile phones

Having an effective incentives and rewards solution is a great strategy for business growth.

Today's ubiquitous mobile phone usage now enables your rewards programs to become borderless.

Why are companies implementing rewards programs?

Perfect to engage with customers
Reduced user-churn
Reduced cost of acquisition

Engage your customers with the products that better fit their needs

Transfer mobile rewards straight to your customer's phone in 5 seconds and put your incentives and rewards programs on auto-pilot.


A low-cost tactic that is extremely effective in emerging markets where prepaid plans dominate


A reward strategy that will attract potential customers or participants. Today, a good connection is a key factor


Reward your customers with liquid digital goods. Enjoy our vast catalog of +300 Gift Card brands

Differentiate your strategy

Mobile phone rewards across industries

Brand loyalty

Build loyalty and engagement by offering mobile Top-ups and Gift Cards rewards. As the new currency of the information age, mobile credit is incredibly valuable. This is used in industries as diverse as banking, FMCG, social media, gambling companies, and mobile gaming

Survey participation

Encourage higher response rates for your surveys and studies. By tapping the world's vast prepaid mobile market, you can offer Airtime, Data Top-up, and Gift Cards rewards. This is commonly used by pollsters, NGOs, academic institutions, and digital research firms

Commercial partner programs

Effectively incentivize small-scale commercial partners such as resellers to boost sales with low-cost mobile rewards. By offering low-cost mobile rewards, these mom-and-pop stores are able to consistently sell more products. FMCG and other mass-market industries commonly use these mobile rewards

Employee rewards and incentives

Human Resources departments use mobile rewards to incentivize behaviour that fits their company culture. Offering mobile Top-ups and digital Gift Cards as a reward is especially valuable for improving employee productivity. HR departments and platforms across the world offer this type of incentive program

Customize your rewards solution with an intuitive integration

Reloadly's cloud platform offers a simple solution to complex coding, allowing you to set up an API or widget to broaden your rewards solutions.

By using our SDK, you'll be able to completely customize an incentive tool that best fits your business.

Our platform is built by developers for developers and includes the world's first dedicated coding toolkit for sending mobile phone Top-ups and Gift Cards.

If you ever need technical assistance, our support team is ready to respond within a day to your inquiry.

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Case studies

ClipClaps uses Reloadly to build delightful social media rewards


ClipClaps' social media rewards were distributed only as cash payouts. But many of ClipClaps' users don't have access to PayPal, the main tool that ClipClaps used to distribute its social media rewards program.

They needed to find a new way to deliver rewards to users in regions with large underbanked populations.
This posed a significant roadblock to ClipClaps' current cash-payout rewards system, and thus the company's entire business model.


Reloadly's airtime API was able to play a crucial role to maintain the company's business model. By integrating an airtime API, ClipClaps was able to continue to offer social media rewards even to those users that have no ready access to modern banking.

With Reloadly's airtime API, ClipClaps was now able to send social media rewards as airtime and data top-ups to users living in remote parts of Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

As an airtime aggregator, Reloadly's API provided ClipClaps direct access to a global network of mobile operators.

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ClipClaps is a social media network that rewards users for sharing short videos. The ClipClaps tagline, “Cash For Laughs,” hints at the company's main objective: ClipClap gives back some of the profits made from data to its users in the form of various social media rewards.

“We have so many users in different countries, but we also wanted to offer social media rewards that were more local and convenient for them wherever they lived… Reloadly has helped ClipClaps make our social media rewards reach our clients faster.”

Xianhe Ding, Operation Manager


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