Powerful APIs for Employee Rewards

Incentives and rewards programs for employees and Human Resouces departments need solutions that can be easily handled in bulk. Start sending Airtime, Data Bundles and Gift Cards to drive engagement in your HR platforms and strategies.

Human Resources Rewards made easy

Create awesome incentives & rewards programs for employees and start driving engagement in your HR platform or department

Airtime API

Offer Airtime to employees and increase employee commitment in regions where prepaid plans dominate.

Gift Cards API

Offer +14.000 products via an API that enables the bulk sending of Gift Cards to large lists of mobile phones within seconds.

Data Bundles API

A good connection is everything. Offer Data bundles packages as employee rewards and keep them connected.

Rewarding employees in times of remote work

There have been many changes in the working environment in the last few years. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, a huge amount of employees are experiencing remote working.

The learning is clear: rewarding employees is important, wherever they're based.

Whether for B2C programs or corporate rewards, gift cards and other digital goods can now be easily and quickly transferred across the world to the delight of everyone involved.

Digital Gift Cards API for employee recognition

Digital Gift Cards are changing the world of employee incentives & rewards in the Human Resources industry. Creative and flexible options are arising, thanks to technology and mobile connections.

The culture of recognition in the new workplace environments demands solutions that can support them, and be fittable to all employees' preferences. Digital gift cards make this possible, and thanks to the Reloadly API, you can integrate today within minutes.

Gift cards

Why should you implement a rewards plan in your HR department or platform?

Discover the best reasons to establish a culture of incentives and rewards for employees:
In the current competitive enterprise environment, businesses are facing many challenges to retain and engage talented employees.


Employees will do their best when they know that effort is going to be rewarded by the company.


Motivation has the power to change people’s behavior, and it can make employees achieve the company’s goals faster.


For employees, the #1 way their company could boost their engagement is by recognizing and rewarding their effort.


Most of the employees agree that rewards are an important component of work and a lack of recognition is one of the causes why employees leave a company.

Customize your Employee Rewards solution with an intuitive integration

Reloadly's cloud platform offers a simple solution to complex coding, allowing you to set up an API or widget to broaden your employee rewards solutions.
By using our SDK, you'll be able to completely customize an employee rewards solution that best fits your business.
Our platform is built by developers for developers and includes the world's first dedicated coding toolkit for sending mobile Top-ups and Gift Cards.
If you ever need technical assistance, our support team is ready to respond within a day to your inquiry.

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