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A Brief look at What Reloadly has to Offer

Antonio Tamez-Elizondo

Antonio Tamez-Elizondo

4 min

Here at Reloadly, we have published many articles about what yo can do with our technology. However, we haven’t talked to you about us. About what what makes us tic. All the little details that make us one of the world’s leaders in mobile FinTech.

A good product is not born out of thin air. The same is true about the company behind it. Perseverance and hard work were essential components in the early years after launch. But so were a business philosophy and an end goal to drive towards.

Ever since our inception back in June of 2019, Reloadly has been on a mission to simplify mobile payments worldwide. We have established ourselves as a leading company but with a twist. We have always had the developer’s comfort in our mind.

Reloadly’s Vision

By now, it should be known that coding is not a walk in the park. Today’s code landscape is easier to navigate than what it was back in the 80s. However, the life of a developer is still not easy. Daily long hours and menial, tiresome technicalities need to be taken care of. The development of our technology can often be a very difficult affair. 

Reloadly’s approach to development for developers comes from its roots. Its founders have a solid background in both computer engineering and finances. Also with an extensive professional experience to understand the need to lift some of the weight off developers’ backs. This minimizes workload and maximizing results. This Low-Code/No-Code approach has been successful.

So much, that businesses are using our technology to enable digital mobile products of all kinds. For example, some businesses use our API for top ups to sell airtime to migrant workers and expats. What is airtime? That’s the number of minutes a person can talk on a mobile phone. It is very important in various countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Family members use airtime to keep in touch with loved one in other countries. They also use it to conduct daily business.

What Reloadly API has to offer

A powerful API for top ups

We have worked thoroughly to produce our signature Native Cloud API platform. It supports up to 14 different coding languages, as well as customizable HTML plugins and widgets. Yet, this is only the surface level. Our corporate philosophy includes simplifying how third parties use and incorporate our technology.

We offer our Software Development Kits (SDKs) for free. We are the only company that does so. This open-source approach is a great way to help third parties squeeze every useful drop of our technology. SDKs are a fantastic tool to shorten development cycles. They allow developers to write 75% less code over what it would take if they recalled each API endpoint individually. The use of SDK speed up the overall integration process.

Great products. Even greater API for top ups

Our API covers 600 mobile operators, spread throughout over 50 countries. Every month, we add new operators and countries. This helps us cover the vast diaspora market.

Reloadly offers access to well over 5 billion prepaid phones, real-time exchange rates, and 100+ currencies. Reloadly’s API is available for free. Just a matter of registering a free account and start integrating Reloadly’s API with your services.

Customers can buy data bundles from a service provider. But it is our API the one that delivers them to their phones. We also provide an attractive API for digital gift cards, with access to up to 300 brands.

Digital Wallet, prepaid Service

One wallet manages top ups, digital gift cards, and utility payments. All of it under a single username. It can be funded with a credit card for up to US$5,000 per month. Bitcoin can also be used. Upon confirmation, the net amount of the deposit will be added to the digital wallet in Euros or US Dollars.

When funding the wallet with a credit card, a small amount will be charged and then refunded immediately. A security measure put in place to keep the card safe from fraudulent transactions. This verification amount can be checked with the bank and input into Reloadly’s system. This verifies the credit card before it can be used. If necessary, credit cards can easily be removed and substituted.

Simple and no-bounds integration

Reloadly’s technology is designed to be used with the customer’s preferred delivery channel. Mobile-based apps for selling digital gift cards, for example, can best be integrated with iOS or Java SDKs. On the other hand, browser-based services that control various websites which require tighter control over the UX can also be integrated with Reloadly’s SDKs.

White labeling

Reloadly has also made an e-commerce and retail distribution option of its technology available to developers. You can find it in its GitHub library. It can be customized to display any corporate design and be easily integrated on any device.

The advantages that this brings to certain small companies are to be stressed. White labels allow technology to be integrated without hassle, as much of the coding has been done beforehand, thus saving both time and money that can be spent on other activities.

A company may choose Reloadly’s white label solution to quickly offer products and services without spending resources on the development of an in-house solution. This is a good recipe for small companies to grow into more robust businesses. Or by running the risk of spending money on a solution that won’t be as effective as what Reloadly makes available for free.

And, of course, the human touch

With a five-minute response time from customer service and support available in all possible channels (Facebook and Twitter DMs, email, and WhatsApp), we at Reloadly are always ready to answer all your questions. Not only that but also hundreds of professionals, Including our very own tech team, can be found in our international developer community at Slack.

They are happy to help anyone who wishes to create amazing products around our API for top ups. With Reloadly’s technology, you have the best product for the delivery of top digital products. Airtime, data bundles, and digital gift cards, you can offer them all with our API.

Be sure to get in touch with us! We can’t wait to learn more about you.

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