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Reloadly’s CEO Michel Francis to Pitch in Guatemala for the Claro Startup Showcase



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Uncovering the most promising tech startups for Claro

15 companies were invited to participate in a competition during Unbound Miami on October 29th 2018, where they took the stage to pitch in front of a live audience and judges representing Claro as well as South Florida’s tech ecosystem. Reloadly was one of the winners that were chosen.

Reloadly and the other four winners will travel to Guatemala on  November 27, 2018 with a full expense paid trip to visit Claro’s Central American HQ, where they met senior managers from the company’s various business groups, and participated in a final pitch competition in front of representatives from the local ecosystem and members of the press.

Reloadly will showcase and pitch to the judges on how Claro can benefit from its revolutionary mobile fintech API platform that addresses the 25 million developers community around the world. APIs can play a huge role with Mobile Operators by opening and fosters an ecosystem of creativity for developers, enabling them to innovate ground breaking ideas and products without much restrictions or requirements to get started.

Reloadly first released its APIs for mobile top ups September 10th, 2018 and since then over 200 developers have signed up on the platform spanning from over 40 different countries.

To signup to Reloadly developer platform, you can do so by clicking here.

For more information about Reloadly, please contact

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