how to buy gift cards in bulk

How to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk: A Reseller’s Guide

Justin Calderon

Justin Calderon

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In the world of personal finance, one enduring mantra reigns supreme: “buy in bulk.” Yet, its application extends far beyond the realm of household savings, making a profound impact on industries like gift card reselling. 

Though bulk purchase is typically recommended because of cost savings, for gift card resellers, the benefits are numerous: 

  • Gift card bulk purchase helps you fulfill large orders from customers
  • Bulk purchases can help you satisfy a diverse range of customers
  • Buying in bulk can help you increase revenue and retain customers

The convenience, flexibility, and customizability of gift cards continue to drive demand for them by both customers and businesses. Currently valued at $1.1 trillion, the gift card market is expected to quadruple within the next 8 years. 

Growing demand keeps opening the door to gift card resellers who can bridge the gap between consumers (individuals and businesses) and retailers, providing customization, access to diverse sets of gift cards, and value-added services

But for gift card resellers to fulfill their intermediary function, they need to learn how to buy gift cards in bulk.

In what follows, we will show how to buy bulk gift cards from Reloady by integrating the Reloadly API into your existing system. 

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1. Why gift card bulk purchase is easy with Reloadly

Before considering how to buy egift cards in bulk at Reloadly, let’s spend some time reviewing what makes Reloadly’s gift card API so popular with gift card resellers. 

Wide variety of gift cards

As a reseller, your business model depends on how you can satisfy the diverse needs of customers. 

Some individuals may require 10 $50 Walmart gift cards as holiday gifts to family and friends while a company may require 100 $100 gift cards for employee rewards, sales incentives for new customers, or incentive programs for sales teams.

To satisfy these needs, you need access to a platform where you can buy a wide variety of gift cards and also buy them in bulk.   

At Reloadly, we provide access to over 14,000 digital gift card products from over 300 brands (including top brands like Amazon, Visa, American Express, Starbucks, Target, etc.). 

Complete bulk orders in seconds

When you hear “bulk orders,” it is natural to think that it will take a long time to deliver them (perhaps some business days). 

Not so with Reloadly. 

Whether you are buying 100 $50 Mastercard prepaid cards or 1,000 $10 Starbucks gift cards, we provide instant delivery for bulk gift card orders. 

Get amazing discounts that will increase your profit

One of the key benefits of buying bulk gift cards is the opportunity to reduce average costs. 

At Reloadly, we provide bulk gift cards at a discount. We have amazing and interesting discount offers for every bulk purchase that will help increase your profitability. 

Access to over 100 currencies

Suppose one of your clients is an international employer. In that case, some of their corporate rewards will involve sending corporate gift cards to employees or gig workers in different countries.  

In that case, they will look for resellers who can send bulk gift cards in various local currencies. 

Reloadly also provides this feature. On it, you can send gift cards denominated in over 100 currencies. With us, you can be the go-to reseller for international employers and research companies (who have to send reward cards to survey respondents across the globe). 

We also provide multiple payment options so you can easily pay for your bulk orders. 

Get reports for all orders

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then getting reports of what one has done is the first step towards normalcy. 

When you buy bulk gift cards, we will provide regular reports that can help you evaluate your business strategy, identify opportunities for improvement, and make decisions that will help you grow.  

2. Getting started with Reloadly: How to integrate our API within a day

Before you can buy bulk gift cards at a discount on Reloadly, you need to integrate our API

We have made this process as seamless and comfortable as possible and you can finish it in a single day. 

Below is a review of what you need to do: 

Put the prerequisites in place

To get started, you need to put the following prerequisites in place: 

  • Prepare the application/flow on your end to trigger the campaign.
  • Setup campaign details: start and end date, campaign name.
  • Define eligibility criteria: who can receive the bonus or the reward.
  • Sign up to get a Reloadly account 
  • Retrieve your API credentials, such as client_id and client_secret from the Developers section.
  • Download Reloadly’s Postman collection so you can have more hands on the API and necessary endpoints to be used. Reloadly uses rest API. 

Obtain access token

You will need your API credentials (client_id and client_secret), one of the prerequisites above, to get an access token. Note that access tokens are required for all subsequent API calls. 

Once you have the API credentials, use the “Access Token” request in the Postman collection to obtain an access token, as seen below: 

3. How to buy gift cards in bulk on Reloadly

Now that you have set up the API,  you are ready to start buying gift cards in a few steps: 

Get a list of gift cards

If you don’t have a specific gift card in mind, you can search through the list of available gift cards to explore your options. 

To do this, you will use the “GET products” API call, as seen below: 

For each product, you will see a product ID, product name, among other details. For our purposes, you can note the discount percentage and recipient currency code. As we mentioned, you can send gift cards in over 100 currencies and we provide amazing discounts on our egift cards. 

Search for specific gift cards

If you already know the ID of a product (from a previous search of the available cards), you can search for it using the GET Product by ID endpoint. 

For example, if your interest, for a particular gift card program, is how to buy Amazon gift cards in bulk, you can get the product ID of Amazon gift card and search for it through the ID when you are ready to buy. 

You can also search for products by country if you are planning on purchasing gift cards available in a particular country. To do this, use the GET Product by ISO Code endpoint. 

Finally, you can search for products by discounts. In this way, you can filter for only those gift cards with discount offerings. You can do this using the GET Discounts endpoint.

Create and fulfill a bulk order

To create a bulk order, you will use the POST Order API call, as seen below: 

You will be required to supply details like the product ID, quantity of gift cards, the unit price of the gift card ($10 Amazon gift card or $50 Walmart gift card, for example), email addresses of recipients, and the name of the sender. 

This is where you can set up the system to deliver bulk gift cards to multiple recipients. 

Suppose you have a client who wants to deliver 100 $100 Visa gift cards as part of its corporate reward program. For simplicity, let’s assume that all the employees are in the US.

All you need to do is identify the product ID of Visa, then input it under the POST Order endpoint. You can also set quantity to 100, select $100 as the unit price, include multiple email addresses for all the recipients, and then include the name of your client. 

As said before, this order will be completed in just a few seconds. 

If, on the other hand, 70 of the recipients are in the US, 20 in Canada, and 10 in Nigeria, then you will need to create three orders, one for the gift card denominated in each country’s currency. 

To do this, you will use the GET Countries endpoint to see the Visa gift card denominated in USD, CAD and NGN. You can then select these cards through their productID and send them in bulk to the recipients in each country.    

Get transaction details

You can get all the necessary information about each completed order through the POST Order endpoint, as seen below. 

On the right-hand side, you have all the important information about this order. You can see the discounts earned on the order, its processing status (in real-time), and the total fee paid for the order. 

Start buying gift cards in bulk with Reloadly’

If done right, bulk gift cards can minimize your cost, improve your revenue, increase your profit, and enhance your customer satisfaction. 

At Reloadly, we provide you with everything you need to buy egift cards in bulk and become a successful gift card reseller. 

The range of brands and products we supply, the number of currencies we support, and the speed at which we complete orders, make our platform the dream of gift card resellers. 

To cap it off, our API can be integrated in just a day with minimal stress. And our customer service team is always available to address any problems that you might face. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

[Sign up for a Reloadly account to easily integrate our API and start buying bulk gift cards to meet the wide-ranging needs of your customers.]

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