How does the “Get Top-up Status” endpoint work?

Raphael Ugwu

Raphael Ugwu

2 min

Reloadly’s Airtime API enables you to fetch the real-time status of every airtime top-up you make. Response times from various operators may differ and due to this, we want to ensure that you have every information about the status of your top-ups.

Top-ups can have one of the following four statuses:

SUCCESSFUL: This applies when the top up is successfully made.

PROCESSING: This applies while the top up is still being verified from the operator’s end.

REFUNDED: This applies once the top up is not processed successfully from the airtime operator’s end. In this instance, any funds debited from a user’s wallet while attempting to make the top-up are automatically refunded. 

FAILED: This applies when the top-up attempt fails due to an internal error from the operator’s end. In this instance, you should wait 30 minutes before reinitiating the top-up. Funds are not debited for a failed top-up attempt.

We have added four code snippets that show what the JSON response of each of these statuses look like. This way, you can gain further insights on each of the statuses:


    "transactionId": 26523,
    "status": "SUCCESSFUL",
    "operatorTransactionId": null,
    "customIdentifier": "This is example identifier",
    "recipientPhone": "447951631337",
    "recipientEmail": null,
    "senderPhone": "11231231231",
    "countryCode": "GB",
    "operatorId": 535,
    "operatorName": "EE PIN England",
    "discount": 63.37,
    "discountCurrencyCode": "NGN",
    "requestedAmount": 3168.4,
    "requestedAmountCurrencyCode": "NGN",
    "deliveredAmount": 5,
    "deliveredAmountCurrencyCode": "GBP",
    "transactionDate": "2022-01-26 03:19:16",
    "pinDetail": {
        "serial": "558111",
        "info1": "DIAL *611",
        "info2": "DIAL *611",
        "info3": "Dial *233* and PIN #",
        "value": null,
        "code": "773709733097662",
        "ivr": "1-888-888-8888",
        "validity": "30 days"
    "balanceInfo": {
        "oldBalance": 60387.41,
        "newBalance": 57282.38,
        "cost": 3105.03,
        "currencyCode": "NGN",
        "currencyName": "Nigerian Naira",
        "updatedAt": "2022-01-26 08:19:16"




  "message": "The transaction failed due to an outage and / or connection issue with the operator",
  "status": "REFUNDED",
  "transaction": null


   "message":"Please wait 30 minutes to purchase same product",


The Get Top-up Status service ({transactionId}/status) enables you to have proper insight into the flow of each top-up you make. This guide aims to summarize and explain how it works. Should you have any questions, you can reach out to our engineers via our developer community.

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