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michel francis

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Based in Ivory Coast, Julaya is a mobile payment app that gives power to users. Through the app, you can deposit and withdraw your money at no cost, by negotiating directly with all members of the Julaya network! Julaya is independent from the mobile operator wallets, meaning they allow users to transfer funds between multiple wallets. This revolutionary idea is a game changer in Ivory Coast, and Julaya came to Reloadly to also enable their customers to transfer mobile top up credits within the Julaya app using the Relodly top up API.


Julaya wanted to compliment their mobile money business by offering their customers mobile top ups for Ivory Coast. Julaya CEO Mathias Leopoldie was looking for a provider who can streamline their mobile top ups business line without further complicating their operations, contractual requirements, and technical demands. Problem is, most of the top up providers are still running on old school legacy APIs, that are over complicated and lack the proper documentation for a seamless integration and management process. In addition, Julaya wanted a partner with a fast response time on their-1 APIs.


In search of a better mobile top up API provider, Julaya found that Reloadly did not have any restrictions or pre-requisites to register for an account. Unlike the traditional mobile top up providers who require lengthy contracts where you sign your life away, Julaya was able to create their account within just a few minutes and have access to their API portal and their API keys. With Reloadly’s publicly available API docs page, Julaya’s tech team was able to complete the interconnection within 1 day where they saved on development cost and most importantly their valuable time. Julaya found a fast response rate with Reloadly’s APIs and high completion rate for Ivory Coast.

“ Having integrated local and international solutions for airtime top ups, I can say that Reloadly has the fastest and easiest onboarding process. Their API is really well documented and works seamlessly. Bonus : customer service is really reactive so you won’t get stalled. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to offer international mobile top-up solutions to their service.“

 – Mathias Leopoldie – Julaya CEO

Focus on creating and growing your projects and websites, and we‘ll take care of spinning up new designs for your users and making sure they’re great. Work with all types of customers right out of the box while still getting paid in your preferred currency.


Julaya now has access to over 600 mobile operators using the Reloadly top up API with a swift integration process. Julaya’s technical team never had the need to communicate with Reloadly’s tech dept given the well documented API provided in all programming languages along with sample code. Julaya has seen their mobile top up transactions on the rise month over month with a growing and recurring customer base and expects continued growth on their mobile money and mobile top up business segments.

For more information on Julaya and their services, you may visit them at https://julaya.co

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