On a mission to fuel mobile payments across the world

Reloadly is a technology company that builds payment APIs for developers and their brands. Businesses of every size in a wide variety of industries use our API technology to enable the transfer of digital mobile payments, gift cards, airtime & data bundles top-ups, and utility payments.

The Demand for Payments as a Platform

While 66% of the world’s population today own mobile devices, only a fraction regularly use their phones for everyday payments services, including mobile money and the transfer of digital goods.

Despite this global population of 5.22 billion mobile users growing larger every year, outdated regulations, legacy digital telecom infrastructure, and complex coding still hold back businesses from empowering our increasingly mobile-first economy with better mobile payment services.

Reloadly’s airtime API cuts down these barriers, bringing the vast world of mobile connectivity closer to the rapidly evolving changes occurring in financial technology.

Fast facts about Reloadly

Global Team Locations
60+ Team members
5.22 billion mobile phones
800+ mobile operators
120+ direct telco partnerships
170+ countries

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Reloadly has built several open-source solutions for our developer community.
Visit our GitHub page to browse what projects have been launched.

Embedded solutions for your mobile or web application

Dedicated regional account managers

Marketing Strategy to support your business growth

24/7 Assistance first class customer success service

Custom Development depending on your business needs

Customizable HTML widget and plugin

SDKs in popular programming languages

World-class developer onboarding

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A non-stop innovation business

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Taking the complexity out of integrating with telcos

Reloadly works directly with global mobile operators to enable services for digital mobile payments, digital goods, and mobile top-up transfers so that businesses don’t have to.

There's still a huge digital divide that exists for many people in the world. Reloadly can help bridge that divide by better enabling merchants and brands to accept mobile payments instead of solely relying on cash.

Michel Francis, Co-Founder

Meet the Leadership

We’re very proud to work with the best people around the world: our global team of over 50 members works throughout Europe, the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia. Say hi!

Enrique Hirlemann
Enrique Hirlemann,
Johnathan Ransom
Johnathan Ransom,
Emmanuel Piard
Emmanuel Piard,
Co-Founder, CTO
Michel Francis
Michel Francis,
Co-Founder, Strategic Adviser

Our offices

Zamora 46, 5,3 Barcelona Spain 08005
8400 NW 36th Street Suite 450 Doral, FL 33166 USA
40 rue du Colisée Paris 75 75008 France
010 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest Montreal, QC H3G 1R3 Canada

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